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Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 42: the not-so secretive underground market

"Meet me at the underground market," she said. Underground market? Most black markets aren't that easy to find, so i asked how to get there. "just ask somebody..." she said, ending the conversation. I guess it was easy...

after asking 2 or 3 people, i found out which subway stop i should take. after getting off the train, i directly looked up, and there was a sign that said "underground market this way." i followed the signs and came upon tunnels under the city that were lined with shops. thats why it was the "underground" market, because it was literally underground. duh.

it contains the biggest flower market in korea (you wouldn't think that flowers would do so well in florescent lighting, but you'd be surprised.) there were thousands of people there. i met up with Kim Young and we shopped for 4 hours, and we still didn't see it all. then we took a break, got some 만두 (korean style potstickers) and went back out. we shopped until 2 in the morning and there was much more to be done. that lady has stamina, and she's 52 years old!


Mary Victoria said...


You need to check out my parent's blog at

I'm Eric's and Heather's friend from St Louis, Mary. My folks love having fellow American visitors. They go to the Korean ward, so you won't see them at the English ones, and work in the temple. With a car and 2 years of sight seeing, they may be a good resource for getting out of the city! Plus they can get you on base ;) !!!

They'll be looking for a message from you!!

Have fun on your adventure!!


Dave and Meg... said...

Mike! I found your blog through Erica Belnaps! What are you doing in Korea? My husband and I actually lived there in Ulsan for three months last summer while he did an internship with Hyundai. He served his mission there and that was a good excuse for him to go back! I actually started my blog while we were there so all of my first posts were of our Korean life! But the shopping there is amazing huh, looks like you've already figured that out!