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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

day 29: the view

with how exciting studying is, its pretty easy to get cabin fever. i went for a walk around 4:30 today, just to get some fresh air, and i didn't get home until 10. when i first went out, i met this down syndrome kid named Yoseph (the koreans adopted the Portuguese spelling of Joseph for some reason). he told me that he was thirsty, so we went and got a drink to eat and i sat and talked to him in korean for an hour. he was way funny, and i could understand him pretty well. As we sat there, Kim Young called and asked me to dinner. i showed up at the building and called her. she told me to come up to the 6th floor and i would see her. there she was, getting her nails done. if not being asain was bad enough, try being a guy in a nail parlor. that really turns heads. luckily, kim young didn't make it awkward at all by asking me if i thought the girl that was doing her nails was pretty...

so then we took an elevator to the top floor, where we had a view of all of Cheunho (the part of Seoul that i live in). it was awesome and with the lights the streets just dazzled. then i realized what was around me. there were just a ton of couples everywhere, eating and enjoying the view. then i realized that it probably looked like i was on a date with a 55 year old lady. then i realized that i needed an excuse to get out of their quickly.

the stars must have alligned, because the missionaries called and asked if i was going to help teach the english class. i was so relieved! we ate quickly and i said goodbye to the view.

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