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Sunday, August 3, 2008

day 25: the american night

My wish didn't come true, but atleast it was a good night. Jean came over with his girlfriend at 5:30 to see what i was doing. i didn't have any plans, but i had bought a new book on korean culture and idioms and thought i'd just take a long soak and read. he didn't like that idea, so he went and bought me a ticket to the new "mummy 3" movie. if you know me, you would know how much i'm a fan of the mummy movies....

Jean's girlfriend got us pretty good seats and i sat back with some popcorn and coke. (they don't have diet coke with lime here... so disappointing...) even though Brendan Frasier's acting still is horrible, Jet lee did a good job. (there's the optimistic mike that you've been missing.)

when we left, i was way hungry, so we went to pizza hut. here, Pizza Hut is actually a nice restaurant. we got a large (which is the size between one of our smalls and mediums) and it cost me 22 dollars. they put sweet potato on the edges and some other things are different, but it was still good. then Jean said, "my parents picking us up at 3 in morning." i started thinking, "wow, Jean, you are 20 years old and you are still having your parents pick you and your girlfriend up?" then he said, " when we ready, i will call you. ok?" i then realized that i was involved in this "us" that he was talking about. "where are we going Jean?" i asked. "valley place. fireworks. fish. very very fun," he said. so we sat and talked there in pizza hut until about 12:30 and then i went home and packed and took a short nap.

i went outside at 2:45, and like always, Jean didn't show up until an hour late. it was ok, because i had a lot of language practice with a lot of drunks that were intrigued by a white kid.

then we waited for the rest of Jean's Parent's workers to join us. they all showed up at the meeting place at 4:30 and we drove off.

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