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Monday, August 4, 2008

day 28: the battle at the gates

Jean was sick so i had the day to myself. (prayers do get answered!) i was thinking, "hmm... what will i do today? i could go hiking, sightseeing, or catch a movie." i didn't do any of those thoughts. i ended up trying to find a laundromat nearby. i spent an hour and a half walking up and down the streets asking people if they knew where a close one was. i never found it.

after lunch i came back here and worked on some english stuff and then i got a call from some of my BYU buddies that are here. we all met up and had dinner together and walked through the huge markets. then we went back to their dorms. because i am not a student there, i was supposed to get some guest pass but the station was closed. so they told me to just walk through with them. they have these narrow passage ways with glass doors that swing open (like an elevator door) when you slide a card, and then close after you pass through. they all went through and then i followed danny through. it closed on my leg and hurt like crazy. so i backed up and we tried it again. this time it closed up on my arm and gave me a huge gash. i didn't think the third time would be a charm, so i just jumped the dang thing. none of them had anything to clean it up with, so i wrapped it up in toilet paper. i make a way better mummy than jet lee. anyways, by the time i was half way home on the subway, it had seeped through. the bad thing was that the subway was packed, and i couldn't move my arm that much without touching someone. luckily, i made it home without spreading my magical blood on these wonderful people.

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