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Sunday, August 3, 2008

day 27: the coffee break

Due to the freak thunderstorm last night, we got up at 3 o'clock and huddled under a little fort thing until it died down. we all fell asleep there until daylight, and i woke up with Jean's dad's arm flopped on top of me and Jean's legs on top of mine. its too bad that we didn't get a picture of that.

we made some more ramen noodles with some fish that we caught the night before for breakfast and packed up our soaked things. on the way back... the dog threw up on me again.

it took us a while to get back because we got lost, and they made frequent stops for "snack breaks" which were really full course meal breaks and where they could smoke a chimney afterwards.

It felt good to be home, but i didn't get that comfortable. i met up with the elders around 6 and we went and taught a few less actives (single girls that they can't teach without someone else) and waited for this guy from iran to meet us in front of E-mart. he must have caught the korean time schedule, because he showed up an hour late. in the mean time, we street contacted and everyone kept looking at us. can't 3 white guys walk down the streets of seoul without anyone being suspicious or curious? all we were doing was stopping every body and asking them if they'd like to learn more. is that so strange?

Masoot (the guy from Iran) was awesome. he is a presbyterian and has a ton of questions. he had previously looked into the church a few years ago, but he did it here in korea when his korean wasn't that good, and neither was his english. but now he speaks korean really well. the only place we could find to sit down was at a coffee place. that would have made for another good picture: 3 mormons from america at a coffee joint on sunday teaching an arab guy in korean.

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