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Sunday, August 3, 2008

day 26: the fishing extravaganza

I awoke to a bad smell. (this is happening to me more than i would like.) the people that Jean and I rode up with had a dog and it had just thrown up all over me. (another thing that happens more than i would like.) with how funny it was, we still drove on for another 2 hours.

we pulled up to the campsite early in the morning and set up our tents and claimed our territory. we ate some ramen noodles for breakfast and took a short nap, and then we went fishing. not with poles, but with nets. i caught the largest fish, which was a whopping 2 inches. all the fish that we caught went into a stew that we had for dinner. and all the case of alcohol that Jean's parents brought from their restaurant was consumed within a half an hour. the whole company was completely plastered, which left me the only civilized person within miles. luckily, the conversations with the drunks the night before had trained me how to understand a drunk korean.

when everyone had wound down, we went night fishing. we caught some biggies and then sat back and watched some fireworks... how romantic.

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